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Максимова Елена
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About SoDIT

The Russian Union of CIO (SoDIT) is an interregional organization, uniting managers of IT-services of commercial enterprises and state establishments, as well as other IT-experts, participating in activities of professional communities. Being a professional association, SoDIT sees its aim in providing interaction between IT-professionals at the interregional level, in increasing CIOs’ status in society due to their active participation in the branch development and in the state policy of building the information society through development of programs, recommendations and standards. The Union strives to form professional community of managers of IT-services within the territory of Russia.

Our main objectives are:
•    To unite club movement of CIOs of Russia through participation of clubs from different Russian cities in our Union;
•    To create community of specialists, united by professional interests;
•    To organize interaction of IT-professionals of Russia with their colleagues from other countries.

Our main tasks are:
•    Providing assistance in organization, establishment and activities of regional and branch clubs of CIOs;
•    Organization of congresses, conferences, and meetings of CIOs at regional and branch levels;
•    Engaging of CIOs community to participate in state projects on IT-development and IT-training;
•    Establishing of dialogue in all IT-areas with large providers of products and services, as well as with integrators and consultants in IT-sphere;
•    Interaction with press, publishing of magazines, books, subject collections;
•    Advanced training for CIOs and their personnel;
•    Introduction of methodical work both into the IT-service manager’s practice, and into the club movement organization;
•    Exchange of experience and information with the professional society from other countries.

The Russian Union of CIO (SoDIT) is an independent non-commercial organization, established by volunteers of the club movement of CIOs, and represents a public tribune of regional and branch clubs, and of the whole CIOs community for interaction with state bodies, society and international organizations.

Members of the Union assume that task-oriented activity of the Union can be performed with various methods. They will support those, which correspond with professional interests in the IT-sphere. Achieving positive changes, they aim at constructiveness, progress and development, and at enhancement of business environment and state bodies’ activities.